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About Monkey Phone Call

Monkeyphonecall.com offers realistic Monkey Phone Calls for people in the United States! For $12.95 we will call any normal phone line in the US and make a personalized Monkey Phone Call for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes this Monkey Phone Call service is not only for real but very popular! Please read our FAQ (frequently asked questions) so we can answer any questions you might have before you decide to use our service.

Order Now

If you’re ready for your Monkey Phone Call keep scrolling down to order! Your monkey phone call could come with hours or within a few business days, depending on how busy our call center is and whether or not the recipient is available to accept the call.

About the Service

Monkeyphonecall.com is a SM2C (simulated monkey to consumer) new media business specializing in monkey phone call solutions for its customers.

Original Monkey Call

Every phone call lasts about 30 seconds but may run a little longer depending on the professional caller.

Surprise Friends & Family

We're 100% sure that they won't be expecting a Monkey Phone Call!

Order Now

Scroll down for more information and order your Monkey Phone Call today!

Example Monkey Phone Call Script

MonkeyPhoneCall.com operator: Could I speak to (your name) please?

You: That's me!

MonkeyPhoneCall.com operator: Great! I'm with monkeyphonecall.com and you're about to get a Monkey Phone Call for you!

You: Great! Let's hear it!

MonkeyPhoneCall.com operator: Just a second while I get the monkey! (A short delay.) Eeeee ooooo eeeeee whoooo eeeeee oooooo eeeeeeeeeeee whooooo eeeeeeeee oooooooooooo eeeeeeee! (Our Monkey Phone Call operators take great pride in their monkey calls. They are trained for many weeks before being allowed to do a MonkeyPhoneCall.com Monkey Phone Call for you. Don't forget with MonkeyPhoneCall.com you get a professional call, not a cheap imitation!)

You: Hahahaha, I love the Monkey Phone Call it is fantastic!

MonkeyPhoneCall.com operator: Thanks for ordering from MonkeyPhoneCall.com. We hope to hear from you again!

You: Believe me you will! A Monkey Phone Call for me would be a great way to start the day every day!


Order your monkey phone call!

Your monkey phone call could come with hours or within 5 business days depending on how busy our call center is, and whether or not the recipient is available to accept the call.

Monkey Phone Calls are only made between 9:00AM - 6:00PM central standard time.

Just email monkeybusiness@monkeyphonecall.com and we'll try to help you out right away if you have any problems!

Monkey Phone Call Options

Name of Recipient
Phone Number of Recipient

Anywhere in the U.S.

Monkey Operators are standing by. Place your order right now and you'll be glad you did. Scientists have proven conclusively that experiences are better than things! And let's face it, this is an experience you won't forget.

Please enter the name and daytime phone number of the person you would like the monkey phone call to be made to below.

After payment verification, your monkey phone call will arrive within 5 business days. If we miss you within that time then don't worry you'll still get your call. Scroll down to our FAQ to find out what happens in rare situations when we can't get through to you.

An original Monkey Phone Call for you!

Brighten up your day by forcing some poor guy to call you on the phone and make monkey noises. It will make you feel powerful in a way that you don't often experience in life.

Too scared to order a call for yourself because you fear the awkwardness of paying another human being to humiliate himself for your entertainment? There's an easy solution. Order a call for a friend, and double down on the sense of power you will feel as you dole out weird and disturbing gifts.


Will you really call me and make monkey sounds?

Yes we will! Monkeyphonecall.com is a real business with real customers. We take great pride in what we do. Please order now!

What is a monkey phone call from you like?

Please view the example call script above.

Do you do international calls?

At this time we only do calls to people in the United States.

How much does it cost?

A monkey phone call costs just $12.95 each, which you will remember for a lifetime. Imagine telling your grandkids about how in the early decades of the Internet people would order monkey sounds made by people, and they liked them too!

Are you currently hiring?

You wish! We just don't hire anyone off the street. We hand pick our monkey callers, and there is a long, long waiting list of qualified applicants.

What name and number will show up on my caller ID when Monkeyphonecall.com calls?

It will either say anonymous number, blocked number, or unknown, or maybe a (214) area code number.

How will I know you made the call?

After we make the call we will email your Paypal email address a confirmation email with the day and time the phone call was made. We will also write a few words about the reaction to the monkey phone call.

How long will the phone call last?

Most monkey phone calls last under 30 seconds, but since every call is original it might go over that time, depending on the monkeyphonecall.com professional operator. Maybe that sounds short, but If you make monkey noises for too long, the recipient tends to freak out and hang up, because becomes disturbing and is no longer funny. We keep things in the "still funny" time range, because monkey noises should be fun.

Can I have you do a monkey call to a friend or loved one?

Yes we would be glad to but if the person asks who sent the monkey call we will give them your name and email address as verified by Paypal. This is our policy and there is no way to avoid it so please don't ask. Sometimes we may also mention your name if the person we are calling seems confused and is acting like they might not accept the call. ("Karen has sent you a Monkey Phone Call!") When the monkey phone call goes through you, will be sent a confirmation email that explains how the call went.

When will you call?

We will call you between 9:00AM - 6:00PM central standard time within 5 business days. Some calls might come within a few minutes, and others within the whole 5 days. It mostly depends on how hard it is to get in touch with the recipient and if we've appeared on a major blog or radio show again. Some people do not answer calls where they don't recognize the Caller ID, or are otherwise hard to reach.

What if I'm not home?

We reserve the right to leave a voicemail message if the recipient does not answer after at least 2 attempts, but we prefer to reach the recipient in person whenever possible. We will continue to call for approximately 5 business days or around 2 attempts. If we still can't contact the recipient within that period, we will leave a voicemail or refund your money, at our sole discretion. You will know when your monkey phone call went through because you will get a confirmation email.

Will your monkey phone call sound like a recorded monkey sound?

No. Our monkey sounds are not prerecorded. Monkeyphonecall.com's monkey sounds are made live at that moment by a human, just for you. And you will be able to tell it isn't some lame recording. That's what makes it so fun-yet-disturbing-and-weird when you order.

Do you offer refunds?

If Monkeyphonecall.com can't get through to you or to the person who the call was ordered for within the approximate 5 business day period, we will refund your payment through PayPal. If the person who got the monkey phone call hangs up in the middle of the monkey phone call we will not offer a refund since we did make the monkey phone call. We have no control over the person's reaction who gets the monkey phone call. You will know when the person gets the monkey phone call because you will get a confirmation email. If you never get a reply from monkeyphonecall.com please make sure your email program is set up correctly or that your Internet service provider does not filter your email.

Are any real monkeys involved with Monkeyphonecall.com? If so, are they treated fairly and given adequate breaks to hurl feces, eat fruits and insects and generally have a good time?

We are against animal labor and animal cruelty! We would never force real monkeys to work just to make a few extra bucks and avoid payroll. You will not hear a real live monkey but instead a person making a monkey noise. These sounds are not recorded, but made especially for you. We do however visit the zoo very often and listen to the monkeys there to perfect our sounds.

Get your Monkey Phone Call TODAY!

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Monkey Phone Call Options

Name of Recipient
Phone Number of Recipient

Order your Monkey Phone Call!

Just follow these three simple steps and you'll be getting your monkey phone call within 5 business days and possibly right away. If you have any questions before you order please visit our FAQ page.

Please remember that if the person who we are calling asks who sent them the monkey call we will tell them. Also if it seems like the person we are calling may not accept the monkey phone call because they are confused we may say who it is from.